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Create Personalized Messages

With Gamedayz you can send out more personalized messages to your fans.

Our system categorize your fans based on how they engage and what type of activities they like to engage with, enabling you to send out the right Messages to the right people

Some examples

  1. Use their name when your are sending out a message to give it a more personal touch

  2. Send a reminder to fans and customers about a game or sale

  3. Send welcome messages to fans that bought a ticket

  4. Send thanks you messages to fans that only attended the game

  5. Send out Happy birthdays Messages

Different kind of Messages

  1. Send Now This function enable you to send out messages directly to your existing customers

  2. Schedule for later Plan ahead and schedule the messages you want to send out to your users in advance.

  3. Add Trigger Triggers enable you to send out messages based on how people engaged with the system. ex: Trigger a Message every time a fan buys a ticket. Trigger a Message every time a someone reaches a new loyalty level


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