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Customer Support

If the FAQ does not provide the answers a user is looking for, then you should enable them to ask a question to your support team instead.

One of the benefits with Zlingits support system is that the user can ask their question directly from Messenger.


When a user writes a question inside messenger we can enable it so your support team gets a notification. Then they can simply go to Messenger and answer the question from there.


But what if your company uses email for all your support? Well, don't you worry! After a user asked their question the system can ask which e-mail address the user want the answer to getting sent to.

(the system could also ask for their phone number if you prefer that) Their question and email address (phone number) will then get sent to an email address of your choice.

Your support team can then decide to answer the user directly inside Messenger from your mail client or if they want to send the answer to the users email.

Automated answers

Based on what a person writes the system can be set up to recognized different words and different combinations of words (this is also called a pragmatic AI) and generate different answers.

Ex. A person writes: - Hi, I want to know what your delivery cost is?

1. The system recognizes the word "Delivery" and gives this answer: Hi, here you can find all you need to know about our deliveries The message will also include the FAQ section about the delivery questions. Here the user can easily choose the question they need answers to.

2. The system recognizes the word delivery and cost and this answer: Hi, the cost of our delivery depends on the weight of your orders. Did you know that we ship worldwide? Click the link below to see our prices and more information

It's all customized

All of this will be customized based on your companies need.


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