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Case Study - Energy ConFusion

Energy ConFusion is a conference that's held in the Nothern part of Sweden focusing on smart energy solutions.

They used Zlingit to communicate and interact with their audience more effectively before, during, and after the event.

Once the attendees entered the conference's Messenger Channel they got a welcome message and later were led to the onboarding process. The System asked a couple of questions regarding what days and events they were attending. This information logged into the system to customize each and every person's experience


Every morning the system would send a Good Morning text with the day's schedule, timetable, and which speakers would be on stage.


During the third day, they held a pitching session where 10 startups would go up on stage and pitch their idea. Between each pitch, the audience would get a message saying it's time to vote. The audience gave a rating, 1-10, based on the idea's potential and quality of the pitch. They could also send direct messages to the startup's founder f they wanted to

Fireside discussion When the fireside session was the audience could simply ask questions to the panel from their phones.

Feedback After the event finished the system sent out a link to a feedback form

Inside Messenger


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