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Promotions are a great way of getting more customers to your store/webshop and maybe sell products from last year's collection. There are thousands of use cases for when promotions are a suitable option!


However, the difficulty is not to create the promotion but to enable it to reach out to the right people.

If you send out 1000 promotions you want to be received by people who are most likely to purchase something. You don't want them to end up in the trash bin.

Traditionally companies send out these types of promotions via direct mail or email. And as you might know, it will be hard to measure if the promotion actually converted if it's sent out through direct mail, because you cant track if someone actually has seen it. With E-mail, you could at least track how many people opened it and who's opened it. But you won't know for sure if that increased your sales. One way to measure this is of course to compare the monthly revenues from a few years back and that same year before to the month when the promotion is active. This will enable you to get a rough idea if the promotion led to increased revenues.

The best way to measure the efficiency of your promotions is to have a loyalty system. Then you could simply match the purchase data with the data about who has received the promotion.

However, these systems are usually quite expensive and it usually takes a full-time employee to manage and analyze the data.

But there are other options that much cheaper and easier to manage!

With Zlingit your customers could decide to subscribe to your promotions. They could even decide what type of products they are interested in and therefore you can deliver an even more accurate campaign.

But how do I track the conversion?! Great question! With Zlingit you can decide to give users digital coupons which they need to activate to get the discounted prices. They Simple press "Discount" in the menu tab and from here they can see all the active discounts that your store offers. From here they press "Use" to active the discount. Now you can see how many people received your promotion and how many how used it. You could even see who used it as well. Zlingit will also give you other customer data that enables you to better understand your target audience. Webshop And if you have a webshop you easily add the link to your webshop, add the promotional codes in the "Discount tab", and regarding the measurement of conversion we need to set up an integration with your webshop provider :)


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