Are your organization in a need of a simple ticket system? Or do you already have a ticket provider?

We got you covered either way

Zlingit has partnerships with several ticket providers to serve your need and if you already have a ticket provider we have a simple integration that will take the user experience to the next level! :D


Enable your fans, customers, or audience to simply book their tickets directly from messenger and track who, when, and how often they go to your event.

Zlingit will measure all the data to improve the customer experience. How?

Personalized messages

Send out messages to fans based on when they usually buy their tickets.

If a person usually buy their tickets on Wednesdays Zlingit will recognize it and send out an automated message on Wednesdays containing the link to the tickets

Send out messages containing pre-booked tickets based on fans' purchase history.

If a fan usually buys 2 tickets Zlingit will recognize it and can send out an automated message, on the day they usually buy their tickets, giving the person 2 options:

  1. If they want to buy their usual This will save the person a few steps in the purchase process since they do not have to manually put in their orders.

  2. Make a new order This would take the person to the purchase process

Subscribe to similar events

If a person has purchased a ticket to a specific event Zlingit would simply ask if the person want to subscribe to upcoming events similar to this

Welcome Messages

Send out personalized messages once a person gets near the entrance and welcome them to the event/game

Thank you Messages & Feedback and reviews

Send out a "Thank You" message to everyone that attended the event/game and ask them to rate their experience.

Combine ticket system with Loyalty

Reward fans and audience based on how many events/games they attend to build stronger relations. Give them reward points for each purchase, discounts, special offers, or VIP treatment once they made a certain amount of purchase order.

Here you have an example from Umeå BSKT, playing in the highest basketball league in Sweden, and how they use Zlingits ticket system.

  1. Select the game you want to buy tickets to

  2. Select amounts of tickets you want to buy

  3. Select what type of ticket you want to buy (adult or youth)

  4. Payment.

You can set up special conditions based on your own needs.

  1. Add season tickets

  2. Add section seating

  3. Add different types of ticket prices

For the user

The user will find their tickets under the menu option "My Tickets". From here they can see all their tickets. To use a ticket they simply press "Use" and show the "Verified" message to the gatekeeper.

If the ticket is already used if will show a "Declined" message


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