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Communicating with your customers has never been so important!! Did you know that 52% of customers will leave an online store if they don't get a quick enough answer to their questions. More than 22% of millennials expect a response within ten minutes if sending a message to a brand via social media, according to a new study from More and more people prefer to write to a company instead of calling and using email. Therefore, it is important that you as a company exist on the communication platforms which the customer is actually using. If your customers no longer send email, it is not profitable to have email support either. Its just logical.

Email is out .. MESSENGER IS IN

If you use emails to communicate with your customers but still not getting good enough results it's time to give Messenger a go instead. A huge problem with mail is that it's being misused. Our inboxes are filled with spam and promotions from companies we don't care about resulting in irritation and lowered open rates as low as 8 % on average, (opening rate* via email). So if you send out your newsletter to 1000 people, only 80 people will open your mail. That doesn't mean someone actually reads your email. A lot of time people just open an email to decrease the number of unopened emails being shown.

* Opening rate = number of people who open your message With Zlingit If we compare the open rate between e-mail and Messenger, there is a massive difference between them. Messenger has an 80-95 % open rate within the first 2 hours. That means, your message has a higher possibility to be read.

With great power comes great responsibility

With higher open rates there comes a high responsibility as well; therefore it is important not to misuse Messenger. If you send out too many messages, people will get annoyed and using Messenger will eventually be as bad as using e-mails.


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