17. Fan Engagement changes from sport to sport

The way you shop for clothes is different to the way you shop for groceries. The criteria and selection process you have for buying a jacket or a pair of shoes is no where close to the process you have for buying bread, milk or even meat. Similarly, no individual consumes two different sport in the same manner. A person may follow more than 1 sport but he will never consume 2 sports in the same way. Different sports trigger different sets of emotions in an individual and hence the different ways they engage with different sport.

For example, someone who watches a football game every weekend with friends in a sports bar or arena while having a few beers, can also be someone who sits alone in front of a screen on a Sunday morning and watch a game of chess or golf. Engagement strategies planned for a football fan will have to be different to those of a tennis fan or golf fan or even boxing fan.