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Create more effective advertisement with Zlingit

- Generate more leads by sending people to Messenger instead of a landing page or squeeze page. Why?

By sending people to Messenger, you can easily make automated follow-ups to all people who click your ad

- Create digital competitions to increase the engagement of the target group with Zlingit.

By using digital competitions to drive engagement from followers and other target groups, you can increase customer satisfaction. Measure who is participating and give them an "Engagement Points" each time they complete an activity. See who your most loyal customers are and reward them with great deals and personalized communication to showcase your appreciation

Reduce your advertising costs

By using Zlingit and driving your traffic to Messenger, you can reduce your advertising costs in the long run. You can easily reach all people who have clicked on your ads or otherwise contacted the company via Messenger.

* Important info: You may be put off if you post for frequent updates as it will be considered spam. Let the person choose the type of relationship they want with the company by letting them choose which updates they want to receive and how often :)

Messenger has an 80-95% opening frequency on average compared to email which has 7-20%.

Messenger is also a more natural contact surface than email because Messenger is used more frequently than email

Increase the organic reach

Increase the reach of your posts via social media with Zlingit.

Enable their followers to receive notifications via Messenger, let them choose which news they are most interested in and how often they want their updates.

Then measure how committed your followers are and what news they are most interested in to make more user-generated content that drives more engagement.

Maximize the opening frequency of newsletters

Send out your newsletters via Messenger instead of by email

Become more responsible about where you spend your money

Zlingit works actively with its CSR work to enable our marketing to contribute to the benefit of society. When you use Zlingit, you know that a sum of the cost you or your customers pay goes to charity. You can easily see the impact your company has had on society by using the Zlingit marketing platform!


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