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The voting tool is used in cases when you want your customer or fans input.

It could be used for announcing the most valuable player of a game. Voting for the best speaker at a conference

Voting for the best artist at the concert

or voting for the next design of your companies clothing line. The voting tool have multiple use cases, as long as it contain something to vote for ;)


Alt 1. Enable your partners to sponsor the activity and display their brand before or after the activity is completed.

Measure how many people that saw the logo

Alt 2. Enable your partners to sponsor a player. If that player win the voting, create a social media post including the sponsors logo and the player/artist/ that won.


Reward people with engagement points if they complete the activity. Give away some free merchandize, a gift card, discounts, etc. to incentivize them. Create a leaderboard based on the amount of votes a player/artist/speaker/product gets.

Create a People-Choice-Award and post it on your social media to create some extra fun content that shows how people have voted.


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