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Quiz Time

The Quiz activity is a fun tool that can be used to increase lead generation, activate followers and more.

Incentivize them to participate by giving rewards, discount or engagement points

There are several different ways for how someone can use the quiz tool. Therefore, the most important part is to decide the objective.

Read more about how to decide the right objective here:

Sponsors or Partners

Alt 1. Enable your partners to sponsor the activity and display their brand before or after the activity is completed.

Measure how many fans that saw the logo

Alt 2. Enable your partners to add questions to the quiz. Let them ask questions about their organization to see what your fans knows about them.


Skip the boring questions like:

"How many people work at company A"

Ask important questions that will help your company or your partners to get a deeper understanding about the brand awareness with your target audience.

Question like:

"Why do we sponsor team A/company A?"

"What are our key values?"

"What is our mission?" Use the data to, the percentages of right and wrong answers on each questions, to see what you can improve upon in your communication.


Reward people if they complete the activity or based on the amount of right answers they get. Give away some free merchandize, a gift card, discounts, engagements points etc. to incentivize them. Create a leaderboard based on the amount of points they get and create weekly, monthly, and season based competitions.

Create a Smartest-"Customer/Fan/Audience"-Award which the person with the most completed quizzes or the most amount of points will get at the end of the event/season/year. Let them know the grand price in advance to create a even bigger incentive.


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